torsdag 22 maj 2014

P330, for me it is good enough!

Focal length: 5,1 mm; Matrix metering; Exposure: 1/100 sec; f/2,8; ISO 80

The first 4 photos with the P330 I took this morning when I was out with the dog, yesterday became suddenly much to do before work.
The camera is very good in my hands, small and lightweight, and absolutely great to take with you everywhere, a camera that I should have had long ago really.
Picture number 3 that I took this morning was at this dandelion, I have not done anything about the picture at all, just changed the image size.
I am not an expert on cameras and there is expert opinion on this camera to read online, but to only had it for one day now, and just tested it a bit, so I am more than satisfied.
To bring along P330 all the time is no problem, you notice it hardly at all, it's certainly a great camera if you want to take some street photography instead of a D7100 and I will test it over the weekend.
For me as an amateur, P330 is quite adequate, and will do well as a second camera

2 kommentarer:

Gunilla Bäck sa...

Vacker bild! Jag gillar daggdropparna som glittrar i gräset.

Magnus sa...

Tack Gunilla!