onsdag 21 maj 2014

P330, a disappointment or thumbs up?

Soon I'm expecting my new compact camera, it will really be fun to take some pictures with it, I have a couple of compact cameras before, but not one that can shoot in RAW with, it's not always I want to drag along my Nikon Dxxx, just hope I will be pleased with it.
I read on Nikon rumors that there had been a firmware update for it so I'll install it when I picked up the camera at the post office in a few hours,
and hopefully I have time to take some pictures before I start working, even perhaps also Upload a photo here..we'll see.

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J Bonafilla sa...

Good luck, Magnus. I look forward to hearing what you think of your new camera. I'm a big Nikon fan and could really use a compact for those occasions when it's just not possible to bring the big one. Bonny