onsdag 25 februari 2015

Love lions Alive

Last week I saw on the Animal Planet a serie called The Lion Queen, that series moved me very much and now I cant stop thinking about these amazing people at Farm Appin in Swinburne, Free State, South Africa, Andi Rive and her staff and all these absolutely outstanding animals.

The biggest dream I have now is getting the opportunity to get there, see and experience all this amazing at Farm Appin in Swinburne, Free State, South Africa and somehow help / contribute to the operation can continue, as it is an ethical lion farm, no hunters are allowed to get there and shoot lions for big money like some other lions farms allows.
With this, the cost of running
Farm Appin is also expensive, every penny they can get in is very welcome, if you can and if you wish, please donate or why not pay a visit and see / experience firsthand the life of the Farm Appin, that will I do, but I just do not know at this stage when it can be done, but one day it will happen.
Take your time and visit their website to learn more, there is also a donation button if you want to contribute.

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Leovi - La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta sa...

Nice picture, wonderful lions, excellent!!