lördag 7 juni 2014

Elvis, 10 years of missing

Today it's 10 years ago my beloved German Shepherd Elvis died, he was 13 when he left me, still I find it hard to talk about that day and will probably always have.
An outstanding dog who I miss very, very much, he is forever in my heart.
R.I.P Elvis, I very much hope that we meet again.

3 kommentarer:

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com sa...

oh how sad. I loss my dog and my son loss two of his dogs.

Oh one never will forget them.

How we loved them.

Jenny sa...

My brother just lost his dog. He died a month after my brother had to put his 65 year old wife in an Alzheimer's Care Home. The dog was her dog and 14 years old. Mandy missed her too much to live without her. Losing dogs is losing family. I understand. xo Jenny I like your blog.

Magnus sa...

Jenny: So sad, 65 isnt that old any more, hope your brother will be ok after all, and yes, any pet is a family member.

Thx for your visit.